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Fireman’s Muster

This exciting, adrenaline rushing annual Loggerodeo event is at 10:00a.m. at the Sedro- Woolley High School Football Field on June 28th.

The Washington Firefighter Competition Invitational is presented each year by the Sedro-Woolley Fire Department.
“The show has new demonstrations each year – it keeps it current and entertaining to newcomers as well as those who have enjoyed our shows in the past,” says Todd Olsen, Assistant Fire Chief/Training Officer of the Sedro-Woolley Fire Department.
The competition encourages firefighter fitness and demonstrates the profession’s rigors to the public.
Wearing “full bunker gear” and their SCBA, competitors simulate the physical demands of real-life firefighting by performing a linked series of four tasks. These tasks include climbing 4-stories, chopping, dragging hoses and rescuing a life-sized, 165 lb. “victim” as they race against themselves, their opponent and the clock.

A suggested donation of $5 will be accepted at the entry gate. All proceeds from this event will go towards firefighting equipment.

Please come out and support your local Fire Department. www.ci.sedro-woolley.wa.us
The 2014 Washington Firefighter Competition is presented by the Sedro-Woolley Fire Department.