A Detailed Guide on How to Buy a Couch Online (Furniture)

The growth of e-commerce has seen all forms of retail businesses develop an online presence. There are numerous online furniture stores that sell couches as either mass produced, customized, or second-hand (pre-owned). This article is going to give consumers a guide on how to buy a couch online (furniture) Delilah G. 

Get couch measurements: 

 The first step in how to buy a couch online (furniture) is to decide on the size of your piece. Start by taking measurements of your room. When deciding on furniture layout, take into account space between a wall and couch as well as the position of the couch relative to other furniture pieces. This will also help in deciding on whether a standard couch, love seat, or sectional would be best suited for your space. 

Consider your living situation: 

Secondly, consumers should consider their lifestyles when deciding on a couch to buy. For example, if you need a family couch and have little children or pets, it’s best to pick upholsterey that can withstand constant cleaning. Similarly, families with toddlers ought to pick couches with softened edges to minimize the risk of accidents from sharp couch structures.  


Since there are numerous online furniture stores, it is important to research so as to narrow down the list to those companies that best fit your needs. As you research, read each company’s online reviews to get a better understanding of their services and products. Use your discretion when reading critiques in order to differentiate between flukes and non-negotiable mistakes. Also, while doing your research, ensure that you understand the company’s return policy, warranty, and particulars regarding shipping. 

Understand the product description jargon: 

Consumers should also ensure that they understand all the buzzwords that are used in the product description. For example, a couch made out of kiln-dried hardwood is unlikely to crack and is thus more durable. Additionally, terms like upholstery with a high double rub count test number’ are of higher quality and are more durable.  

Order fabric samples: 

This is a no brainer when it comes to how to buy a couch online (furniture). It will help you get a true feel of the fabric and color of a couch. Choose a range of shades of a particular color or similar colors and swatches of different fabrics in one shade. It is important to take your time when going through the samples and factor in the colors of your floors, walls, and other furniture pieces in the room. The color of the fabric pieces will also differ based on the amount of sunlight at different times of the day and even lighting at night. 

Take advantage of discounts: 

A lot of furniture stores offer initial discounts to clients and this may result in great savings for customers. Customers may also target their purchases around times when most businesses have sales particularly during major holidays. Majority of the furniture stores also have annual sales and mid-year sales which translates to decreased prices for couches.